Tiny Puffballs

few flowers grace our world
as we enter the fungi season
(so glad there is always something to enjoy)

these are tiny fruiting puffballs

found at the base of my mountain ash tree

photographed on a smoky day
giving them an even richer color

I find each one to be a work of art
a small treasure to behold

Then one morning 
I woke to find a squirrel had eaten them all!

That is the task to enjoy the mushrooms before someone eats them. 

Most puffballs are edible for us and the deer and the squirrels
who knows who else. 



Owl Visit

The sound of squirrels warning the forest of danger. 

I looked up to see a Great Gray Owl glide over the pond to land on a stump. 

Sitting, looking around then hopped to the ground. 

Ripples danced through the ponds surface as the owl took a morning bath in shallow water. 

Then hopped back up on the stump, shaking this way and that. 

Lifting into the air, silently landing on a limb. 

Watch the video as it shakes and dries from it's bath. Then breaks a branch that is in it's way. In the smoky morning air (see golden smoky light on it's back).


  I got to sit and watch for 45 min. As this owl was in no rush to leave. 

it knew I was there
did not seem to care

flying further away
down to the earth near a creek
for a drink
It is super smoky these days
so many wildfires
the owl was a wonderful experience 
among our hard to breath days

 a glimpse:


I am hearing that the fires will not be out
the snow falls


Solar Eclipse

Today was the full solar eclipse. 
Where I live, NW Montana, the eclipse was only partial. 
I did not have special glasses to watch the moon cloak the suns light, 
still I wanted to be outside under the veiling light. 

The light did change, 
a bit like the world looks with sunglasses on, less bright, a bit darker, a softness to life’s edges. 

I walked around the forest and meadow coming to our dirt road where the shadows of the alder trees danced on the ground.  

I noticed the shapes of the shadows!

it was the eclipse painted on the earth over and over again

so that is where I stopped to watch the veiling and unveiling of the sun

 as the minutes passed
the light crescent shapes grew larger
as the moon passed between the sun and us

the shadows were expressed a bit different
through the giant spruce tree

I was delighted and kissed with awe

endlessly nature offers magic for us to discover

the moon had nearly passed the sun above

last I looked
full circles of light danced on the road

the fullness of the sun's light 
has returned to our day



August in the Park

at the top of the mountains
flowers are still blooming

colors seem to be softening under the heat of summer's sun

clear waters
sooth the heat of the days

clouds dance along the peaks
as though they are the mountain's breath

daydream beautiful



Rainbow Lake

Rainbow lake was the destination
 (no rainbow, but look at those blues!)

we traveled through endless flowers

flowers feel like a  glorious celebration  
of life

every once in a while
I looked up
to see a beautiful blue sky
with dancing clouds passing by

met a new flower:
mountain sandwort
it is tiny

on the drive
I found a baby grouse on one side of the road

mamma on the other

so I waited and watched the youngster cross 
off they walked into the woods

a lovely day long outing



Summer of Flowers

we hiked up up UP
into the mountains

shoulder high
beargrass bloomed

even the old timers are saying they have never seen such a grand show

at the pass we headed down to a lake

due to being high in the mountains
we found spring flowers in summer!

the earth was 
golden in flowers
Glacier lilies

it was a 12 hour adventure
12 miles (19km) of hiking
we were whooped

yet the flowers enlivened our spirits

Flower Power



Spotted Saxifrage

thrilled to see these cliff dwellers

high in the mountains they thrive

their details can only be seen
if one pauses
gets down on their knees

lemon, tangerine and crimson

Spotted Saxifrage



Endless Beauty

walking at the feet of stone cathedrals
through fields of flowers
proud trees

inspires sighs
adjusting ones breath
to open ones heart
to meet your beauty

flowers galore

not to forget
the magical details

natures perfect art

glorious water falling



Summer Begins

I headed to the mountains for
Summer Solstice 

patches of tiny twinflowers

frothed-up plant sap
made by the froghopper bug
quit magical looking up close

the clouds
appeared and disappeared 
throughout the day
moody or bright

larkspur often look as though they are dancing
to me

these flowers, dogbane,
seem to be celebrating life

spring did not offer many mushroom sightings
there were a family of these
on an old dead log
love how they came up through bug holes

heading home....

one poppy bud this year
it bloomed on Summer Solstice!

Lovely Summer to you All!