First Hike of the Season

5.5 miles
up up up
rewarded with this view

(I am still sore, two days later)

the path varied
though mostly walking under the heat of the sun
there was some bits of forest

treasures along the way
(the colors of this little butterfly are so beautiful)
( I believe it is a puddling butterfly, little, do you know what it is called?)
the meeting of a river and creek
bath in gentle light

a glimpse
up close
of catkins

spring's beauty
blue sky
white clouds
new life abounds

promise of summer berries 

a beautiful day in the mountains
Apgar lookout trail
Glacier National Park



Sunbathers ~

I rarely find white shooting stars
seeing them is like finding this treasure

I think the above photo shows so well 
their name
Stars flying in different directions

even from behind they look like a celebration of life

truly petite little beings

when the sun comes out
sunbathers rise from the water 
to soak up warmth

the little fairyslipper from my last post
has opened all the way
I visit it once in a while
(with bear spray on my belt, as we have evidence of a grizzly)

this lovely winged creature
landed on my finger 3 times
I felt honored
Spring is picking up momentum!



Calypso bulbosa

an early arrival

they usually don't bloom for a couple or few more weeks
in my little snow belt area

but there it was

a little Fairyslipper
Calypso Bulbosa
wild orchid
nearly open
bathing in forest light



In Search of the First Wildflowers

we found our first wildflowers of the year 
(by driving over an hour north)
as well as
an emerald colored native bee! 

 the earth had but tiny blades of grass appearing amongst 
the pine needle strewn forest floor

yet the lovely pasqueflowers hold their heads high
celebrating life

here and there a 
scattering of lovely yellow bells

after a long winter
these first flowers
fill ones heart with joy

a new season is ours to embrace



More from the Tiny World

standing above
it nearly looks like a cream colored rock with dark specks

kneeling to look closely
macro lens helps
an intricate world of detail

I wonder if this is what is meant (in the title of the book) Mycelium Running
it appears to be going from the stick to the leaf
(thank goodness for the decomposers of our world)

 don't you want to touch it ;-)
soft little moss sculpture
like something from manicured garden

a magical threshold 
to a underworld home

snow is melting 
meadows that will later be grasslands
are now shallow lakes

I saw my first butterfly 
of the year

it really is heartwarming to note the small details
of a new season

indeed, nature is a spirit helper

lovely days and nights to you