Calypso bulbosa

it is fairy slipper season 

they rise from a tangle on the forest floor

one here, two there
like magic 

wild orchids

cloaked in raindrop gems

the lovely 
Calypso bulbosa



The presence of Spring

I have found a morel mushroom
one here
one there
not many
still a joy to see

:details of a cedar leaf, enchanting

: forest trillium
thriving under the mighty forest
bathing in gentle sunlight

a polypore begins to grow
most likely a Red Belted conk:

snow melt filling the creek 
singing to the forest:

water dancing over stones
racing down the mountain:


listen quietly
one can hear the world growing
a fantastic song of a new season 



drove and hiked hoping to see
Spring Beauties
at first I thought I was too early in the season
once one was spied
I noticed they were sprinkled throughout the meadow

our first forest flower
 the lovely yellow violet

I love watching things turn green
sprout leaves
the sun warming our world

this last winter my walking bridge died
last week I made a new one
felt like a nice accomplishment

I have a huge plum colored bolder in my yard
after the rain
the lichen turns this wonderful color

here and there 
are mushrooms
full of fun character
another sign of a new season

the setting sun inspires pause

soaring as the sun sets


Celebrating our Earth

we call them Yellow Bells
they grow in prairie land

I live in the forest and mountains
so it is always a journey to see them

some have red rings around them
some do not

on my way to look for flowers
I stopped in a forest
and found this beautiful rock
I am told that copper makes these color

I have been exploring the tiny world of lichen and moss
often raindrops are involved

I noticed that teeny tiny moss had little egg shaped capsules
a new sighting:

a closer glimpse:

our amazing planet
endless intriguing life to explore
learn from

Happy Earth Day!



Pasque flower

drove an hour north
nearly to Canada
to find 
some of the first spring flowers

in years past I drove over the Rocky Mountains
to be in their presence
(a longer, yet beautiful drive)

imagine the delight to see the Pasque flower
lightly scattered over the prairie like land

bathing in sunlight

 being pollinated by fury bees

rising from the earth
after a long winters sleep

the joy of flowers 
has touched the land